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Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is free software that lets you add eBooks from a public library, eBooks from another store, or eBooks from the Kobo Store that are . This free software is called Adobe Digital Editions. Digital Editions You want to read eBooks from another store or from a library on a Kobo eReader;. You download. The Getting Started eBook is pre-installed with Adobe Digital Editions ; however, it will not be installed if you install as a standard user (non-admin user).

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Ebook Adobe Digital Editions Kobo

My books from the library get to digital editions but can't get them to load to be download from- Sample eBook Library | Adobe Digital Editions. Most of the eBooks downloadd from Sony, Kobo or other eBook stores are protected by Adobe DRM. In general, we read these books on. Also covered is how to download an eBook from your local library and transfer it See How to Setup Adobe Digital Editions with Kobo eReader on Linux.

Also covered is how to download an eBook from your local library and transfer it to your Kobo eReader. These steps were documented using Kubuntu Tips are provided on how to use these instructions with other desktop environments. Update Libraries which use OverDrive. A newer version of ADE does work. Why Use ADE 1. Opening a terminal in other desktop environments You can often open a terminal window using the following steps: This will bring up a dialog asking if you wish to deauthorize your computer. If there is no wine menu entry for Adobe Digital Editions, then logout and login. This will bring up a dialog asking if you wish to deauthorize your Kobo eReader. A default installation of Adobe Digital Editions should set up a file association to handle the. When working properly the. Following is how I accessed this. Hopefully this will help those whose.

The default path is: Make sure you can read the book on ADE. You need to authorize device with your Adobe ID and redownload the book to your computer. You can follow the guide to authorize your computer. The EPUB book will be downloaded to your computer during this process. To get the downloaded EPUB book path, click the triangle button on the left side of the book. The EPUB book is saved in the default path: If the downloaded Kobo book is ZIP file, simply rename the extension name ".

Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. Why won't Overdrive eBooks open on my Kobo?

Toggle menu visibility. Ask Another Question. Answered By: Mike E. Last Updated: Attempting to open the eBook for reading will result in an error message: Using older versions of Adobe Digital Editions. Factory Resetting your Kobo eReader.

Performing much, or all, of the above in a precise order Sometimes one or more of these suggestions may resolve the problem for a particular eBook. Related FAQ Entries. Related Guides. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments 4. Thank you for this answer to the problem, I've been looking everywhere to see if others had the same issue. I'm in Australia and having the same problem with Overdrive ebooks from my country's libraries.

I have completed all those steps and nothing seems to work. Hi, I spent two hours trying to figure this out - and found that when I installed Adobe Digital Editions 3. Why don't Adobe just put some answers on their forum!!! Just have to wait 2 weeks and start again.

Kobo eBooks on Other Devices

Good luck everyone. Since talking to Theodore at Support, there was a brief and tiny window when I was successful at uploading books to my Koboglo HD.

Alas, the window is closed again. A book that I have borrowed and CAN read on the computer hardly ideal is going to expire in 6 days. I was on hold for this book for several days. Perhaps it's a sign from ADE that I shouldn't read the book.

As far as I can tell, there has been no update from ADE to resolve this issue. I'm quite reluctant to revert back to 3. Please excuse me for replying to myself. The solution that finally worked for me is outlined by Maureen here:. Not able to open library books on my Kobo Glo: This document couldn't be opened". Just adding a note that I recently had this problem crop up with my Aura 2, and downgrading to ADE 3. I re-downloaded books I'd already fulfilled through ADE 4.

Please note that you don't have to downgrade to get kobo to work again. Maureen outlined how to fix it here:. With the following list, I am paraphrasing Maureen's excellent advice that finally released me from my anguish:.

I just bought a Kobo and couldn't get it to work with a library book and I was getting SO frustrated. I can now read the book I borrowed on my Kobo. Thanks you legend! Downgrading to Adobe Digital Editions 3.

Thanks so much for posting this solution! We are currently investigating the issue at our end with ADE 4. Also, I would like to share few points given below that you should verify at your end while working with ADE 4.

If the above mentioned steps doesn't work, try to perform the below steps and see if that helps-. I have had my Kobo Aura H20 since March I must say this whole ADE process has been a nightmare. Less than half the time the process worked.

I updated my Mac to latest OS and Chrome versions recommended months ago. My Mac computer will no longer install these as Certificate shows expired authorizations Feb Successful transferring to my reader still worked unpredictably.

I borrowed 2 books today at 3 am and transferred to ADE 4. I realize that these fixes cannot be guaranteed but I was desparate for a solution that actually worked. Sorry I am too frustrated to post a link.

Another user did post a reply just now and I have yet to respond but he has had same problem with ADE. Now at 7 pm the same day I tried another 2 library books. The same happened.

Libby Help

One success and one failure with identical process. I finally contacted KObo support again. She said she could reset my DRM auth for my KObo epub downloadd books but it was probably a library Overdrive, ADE issue but she had another call earilier with same problem and it seemed to work. After I got off the phone with her just now, I was able to successfully transfer 2 borrowed books and lo and behold the 2 books that my ebook would not open at 3 am will now open although the device still shows them as black rectangles and no expiry information???

Kobo is getting back to me in hours.

I can only take so much frustration before I crack up. This is not my first Kobo. This I now know as I resorted to reading all my library books on my iPad for months before I could resolve to try to use ADE process with my new Kobo ereader again. KObo is now aware of my frustration. THe whole transfer process is cumbersome and unreliable! Thank you! This worked for me after hours of trying to figure it out. I had done the steps explained, de-authorised both ADE and Kobo, removed and reloaded book, but hadn't tried with a NEW book from my library.

Setup Adobe Digital Editions with Kobo eReader on Linux -- Linux Crumbs

That seemed to kick the brain of everything back into order. I only had this problem after I upgraded to High Sierra on my Mac desktop, so whether this had anything to do with it is anyone's guess.

Hopefully, Adobe will fix the error. I wasn't able to download ADE 3.

How to transfer library ebooks to an ereader using Adobe Digital Editions

Had to get rid of my new version of ADE and installed the earlier version, etc It seems to work with downloads from the public library - wish I had come up with your post sooner. Thank you!! This totally worked!! I am so happy I found your answer quite soon in the search so the problem was solved within minutes. I had all the same issues described in this blog, and I spent 2 days of agony to get my new Kobo Aura One e-reader to accept public library books. Adobe Digital Editions required to download public library books and then transfer them to my Kobo.

Couldn't get the Adobe account authorization to stick on the Kobo. Books downloaded appropriately to my computer and were visible in ADE. Computer was properly authorized, and I could read the books on my computer. Books appeared to transfer to the Kobe, but when disconnected from computer, the books were grayed out on the Kobe and wouldn't open with an error message saying the Kobe was not authorized to read said public library books.

I tried all the tricks suggested in this blog Reset the Kobe to factory settings Returned books to library and downloaded again and again. Tried new books from library.


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