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Base Camp By Tariq Ismail Sagar Free download Urdu Books this site you can Download Urdu books of all kinds like Islamic Boo. If you are in search of the Base Camp Novel By Tariq Ismail Sagar Pdf to download then you are at right page because here we have published. Tariq has an excellent command of Pakistan-India relations. I hope you like the book Base Camp Novel Pdf and share it on social media sites.

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Base Camp By Tariq Ismail Sagar Pdf

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They fought three conventional wars and faced several crises during the prenuclear Kashmir Conflict: Solutions and Demand for Selfdetermination Rashmi Sehgal School of History, Politics and Strategic Studies That Kashmir is a vexed issue, involving interests of different stakeholders and thus researchers, scholars and authors. A number of books and articles have been written on the Kashmir conflict. The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, where Bhutto acknowledged that the Kashmir issue should be finally resolved and removed as a hurdle in IndiaPakistan relations; Islamic fundamentalist groups clamoured for a plebiscite. The book contains the story of the liberation movement in Indian occupied Kashmir. Base Camp Novel Writer: Tariq Ismail Sagar Description: The book Base While some books on this list examine the history of Kashmir from an academic point of view, others tell heartwrenching tales of struggle and violence. Bachon kay Islami call. Islami ebook Bachon kay Islami name in pdf. Unfastened download Bachon kay Islami name in Urdu. Khawaja Hameed Yazdani. Reflecting its commitment to indepth political, psychological, and historical.

A little short man in his mid-thirties wearing white kurta paijama had a Reynolds pen in his pocket. Very clear voice welcomed me with the best of all mannerisms.

Base Camp By Tariq Ismail Sagar download pdf

Afzal Guru How are you sir? I said, I'm fine. Am I to return the same question to a man on the death row, was apprehensive for a second, but I did. Very fine. Thank you sir, he answered with warmth. The conversation went on for close to an hour, and continued a fortnight later with a second Mulakat. Both of us were in a hurry to answer and ask whatever one could in the time. I went on scribbling him in my tiny pocket book. He seemed to be a person who wanted to tell a lot of things to the world.

But repeated his helplessness to reach people from the current stature of condemned for life. Excerpts of the interview There are so many contradicting images of Afzal. Which Afzal am I meeting?

Is it? But as far as Im concerned there is only one Afzal. That is me. Who is that Afzal? A moments silence. Afzal as a young, enthusiastic, intelligent, idealistic young man, Afzal a Kashmiri influenced like many thousands in the Kashmir Valley in the political climate of early s, who was a JKLF member and crossed over to the other side of Kashmir, but in a matter of weeks got disillusioned and came back and tried to live a normal life, but was never allowed to do so by the security agencies who inordinate times picked me up, tortured the pulp out of me, electrified, frozen in cold water, dipped in petrol, smoked in chilies you name it, and falsely implicated in a case, with no lawyer, no fair trial, finally condemned to death.

The lies the police told was propagated by you in media. And that perhaps created what the Supreme Court referred to as "collective conscience of the nation. And to satisfy that "collective conscience Im condemned to death. That is the Mohammad Afzal you are meeting.

Jasoosi Novels: base camp by tariq ismail sagar

After a moments silence, he continued. But I wonder whether the outside world knows anything about this Afzal. I ask you, did I get a chance to tell my story? Do you think justice is done? Would you like to hang a person without giving him a lawyer?

Without a fair trial? Without listening to what he had to go through in life? Democracy doesnt mean all this, does it? Can we begin with your life? Your life before the case It was a turbulent political period in Kashmir when I was growing up. Maqbul Bhatt was hanged. The situation was volatile.

The people of Kashmir decided to fight an electoral battle once again to resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means. Administration at Delhi was alarmed by the kind of support that MUF was gaining and in the consequence we saw rigging in the election on an unprecedented scale.

And the leaders, who took part in the election and won with huge majority, were arrested, humiliated and put behind bars. It is only after this that the same leaders gave call for armed resistance. In response thousands of youth took to armed revolt. I was also one of those who crossed to the other side of Kashmir as a JKLF member, but was disillusioned after seeing Pakistani Politicians acting the same as the Indian politicians in dealing with Kashmiris.

I returned after few weeks. I surrendered to the security force, and you know, I was even given a BSF certificate as surrendered militant. I began to start the life new. I could not become a doctor but I became a dealer of medicines and surgical instruments on commission basis laughs. With the meagre income I even bought a scooter and also got married. If there was a militant attack somewhere in Kashmir they would round up civilians, torture them to pulp.

The situation was even worse for a surrendered militant like me. They detained us for several weeks, and threatened to implicate in false cases and were let free only if we paid huge bribes.

Base Camp Novel By Tariq Ismail Sagar Pdf

Many times I had to go through this. Many times I was made to clean their toilets and sweep their camps. Vinay Gupta and D. Davinder Singh supervised the torture.

One of their torture experts, Inspector Shanty Singh, electrified me for three hours until I agreed to pay one lakh rupees as bribe. My wife sold her jewellery and for the remaining amount they sold my scooter. I left the camp broken both financially and mentally. For six months I could not go outside home because my body was in such a bad shape. I could not even share the bed with my wife as my penile organ had been electrified. I had to take medical treatment to regain potency.

Afzal narrated the torture details with a disturbing calmness on his face. He seemed to have lot of details to tell me about the torture he faced. But unable to hear the horror stories of security forces that operate with my tax money, I cut him short and asked: If you could come to the Case, what were the incidents that led to the Parliament attack Case?

After all the lessons I learned in STF camps, which is either you and your family members get harassed constantly for resisting or cooperate with the STF blindly, I had hardly any options left, when D. P Davinder Singh asked me to do a small job for him. That is what he told, a small job. He told me that I had to take one man to Delhi.

I was supposed to find a rented house for him in Delhi. I was seeing the man first time, but since he did not speak Kashmiri I suspected he was an outsider. He told his name was Mohammad [Mohammad is identified by the police as the man who led the 5 gunmen who attacked the Parliament.

All of them were killed by the security men in the attack]. When we were in Delhi, Mohammad and me used to get phone calls from Davinder Singh. I had also noticed that Mohammad used to visit many people in Delhi. After he downloadd a car he told me now I could go back and gave me 35, rupees saying it was a gift.

And I left to Kashmir for Eid. When I was about to leave to Sopore from Srinagar bus stand I was arrested and taken to Parimpora police station. They tortured me and took to STF headquarters and from there brought me to Delhi.

But they insisted that I should say that my cousin Showkat, his wife Navjot S. Geelani and I were the people behind the Parliament attack. They wanted me to say this convincingly in front of media. I resisted.

But I had no option than to yield when they told me my family was in their custody and threatened to kill them. I was made to sign many blank pages and was forced to talk to the media and claim responsibility for the attack by repeating what the police told me to say.

When a journalist asked me about the role of S.

Geelani I told him Geelani was innocent. Rajbeer Singh shouted at me in the full media glare for talking beyond what they tutored. They were really upset when I deviated from their story and Rajbeer Singh requested the journalists not to broadcast that part where I spoke of Geelanis innocence.

Rajbeer Singh allowed me to talk to my wife the next day. After the call he told me if I wanted to see them alive I had to cooperate. Accepting the charges was the only option in front of me if I wanted to see the family alive and the Special Cell officers promised they would make my case weak so I would be released after sometime.

Then they took me to various places and showed me the markets where Mohammad had downloadd different things. Thus they made the evidence for the case. Police made me a scapegoat in order to mask their failure to find out the mastermind of Parliament attack. They have fooled the people. People still dont know whose idea was to attack the Parliament. The media constantly played the tape. The police officers received awards. And I was condemned to death.

Why didnt you find legal defence?

Base Camp Novel By Tariq Ismail Sagar Pdf

I had no one to turn to. I did not even see my family until six months into the trial. And when I saw them it was only for a short time in the Patiala House Court. There was no one to arrange a lawyer for me. As legal aid is a fundamental right in this country I named four lawyers whom I wished to have defended me.

But the judge S.

Dhingra, said all four refused to do the case. The lawyer whom the Court chose for me began by admitting some of the most crucial documents without even asking me what the truth of the matter was.

She was not doing the job properly and finally she moved to defend another fellow accused. Then the Court appointed an amicus curie, not to defend me, but to assist court in the matter. He never met me. And he was very hostile and communal. That is my case, completely unrepresented at the crucial trial stage. The fact of the matter is that I did not have a lawyer and in a case like this, what does not having a lawyer mean everyone can understand.

If you wanted to put me to death what was the need for such a long legal process which to me was totally meaningless? Do you want to make any appeal to the world?

I have no specific appeals to make. I have said whatever I wanted to say in my petition to the President of India. My simple, appeal is that do not allow blind nationalism and mistaken perceptions to lead you to deny even the most fundamental rights of your fellow citizens. Let me repeat what S.

Geelani said after he was awarded death sentence at the trial court, he said, peace comes with justice. If there is no justice, there is no peace. I think that is what I want to say now. If you want to hang me, go ahead with it but remember it would be a black spot on the judicial and political system of India. What is the condition in jail? Im lodged in solitary confinement in the high risk cell. Im taken out from my cell only for a short period during noon. No radio, no television. Even the newspaper I subscribe reaches me torn.

If there is a news item about me, they tear that portion apart and give me the rest. Apart from the uncertainty about your future, what else concerns you the most? Yes, a lot of things concern me. There are hundreds of Kashmiris languishing in different jails, without lawyers, without trial, without any rights. The situation of civilians in the streets of Kashmir is not any different.

The valley itself is an open prison. These days the news of fake encounters is coming out. But that is only the tip of a big iceberg. People all around the globe wait for his writings. As a matter of fact, many of his books are translated into English for non-Urdu speakers. Hundreds of thesis has been written on his writings and services. No doubt, he is the living legend of Pakistan.

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